Renting of one of our bugges is the perfect solution for those who already know Sardinia and its dirt tracks, who know where they want to go and want to enjoy their trip fully and on their own.

A quick look at the rental rules before leaving (you can download the Rental Guide here) and you’re ready for your adventure!

Reservations can also be made by telephone. Just dial the following number: 391 4344963

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Here are some of our Buggies, waiting to take you on an adventure. Each model has its own unique personality…which one is going to be yours?


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Price list

  1. High Season
  2. Mid-season
  3. Low season

From 15/06 to 31/08

ModelloTrasmissioneMezza GiornataGiornata Intera
KINROAD 650manuale90150
OXOBIKE 500automatica100160
CF MOTO 600 4X4automatica110170
CF MOTO 800 4X4manuale130200
KINROAD 1000automatica115180

From 17/04 to 14/06 and From 01/09 to 14/11

ModelloTrasmissioneMezza GiornataGiornata Intera
KINROAD 650manuale80130
OXOBIKE 500automatica90150
CF MOTO 600 4X4automatica100160
CF MOTO 800 4X4automatica120180
KINROAD 1000manuale105160

From 15/11 to 16/04

ModelloTrasmissioneMezza GiornataGiornata intera
KINROAD 650manuale65110
OXOBIKE 500automatica90140
CF MOTO 600 4X4automatica80140
CF MOTO 800 4X4automatica100160
KINROAD 1000manuale95145
Not only rental

In addition to the normal rental activities we organize guided tours and excursions.So if you want to find the particular sites, in our routes you will find what you seek.

We have selected easy and exciting routes, to introduce you to an unusual Sardinia that only with buggies can be appreciated comfortably.

Have fun!

Info: 391 4344963