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Rent a Buggy: Are you ready for adventure?

Renting a buggy is probably the easiest, most relaxed and absorbing way to visit a land like Sardinia. Our island is filled with stunning and intriguing places, where a buggy is the most practical and enjoyable way to get you there.

These vehicles are often described as a side-by-side because they can accommodate a driver and a passenger/navigator, side-by-side. The fun is double if you can share the experience, hence the reason for their widespread success.

A buggy can reach places that very few other vehicles can, quickly and comfortably, with low fuel consumption and it's just like driving a car and perhaps even easier sometimes, because some of our models are automatic.

On some of the most secreted tracks in Sardinia you'll be able to drive great side-by-side, twin seater buggies, homologated for road use, environmentally friendly and real fun to drive.

Gravel roads and dirt tracks are the ideal terrain here and on trails unknown to the masses, you will be able to make thrilling encounters with the beauty of this island.

On your own, in pairs or as part of the group, on a rental or as part of an guided tour, this is an experience you just cannot say no to.

Not only rental

In addition to the normal rental activities we organize guided tours and excursions.So if you want to find the particular sites, in our routes you will find what you seek.

We have selected easy and exciting routes, to introduce you to an unusual Sardinia that only with buggies can be appreciated comfortably.

Have fun!

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