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Total mobility starts in Olbia

Welcome to Sardinia, are you ready to move?

Whatever your mobility needs in Sardinia we are ready.

Do you need a car for your medium-range travel or a practical two-wheeler like the scooter? Albuggy Rent has set up a fleet that is agile and fast, suitable for the traffic and needs of those arriving in Olbia.

Noleggio Fiat Grande Punto - Albuggy Rent Olbia,

Car rental

A rental car is essential if you move with luggage or plan to do many miles. This is why we have provided a modern and efficient fleet. Our cars will take you to your destination in a comfortable and ecological way.

Motorcycle rental

If you are looking for freedom and want to get to know Sardinia, Olbia is the perfect base and our Benellis TRK 502 will take you everywhere. You can drive with an A2 license, they consume little and are able to deal with many types of terrain, for a travel experience that you can’t forget.

Noleggio Scooter Symphony - Albuggy Rent Olbia,

Scooter rental

Olbia is a lively and busy city especially in summer. To experience it and move around it, to know the beaches and attractions of our coast the scooter is a fantastic means: agile fast with ridiculous consumption, it moves in the traffic making you save a lot of time, leaving you only the pleasure of permanence.

If you want to expand your range beyond the classic one of a scooter, renting a Buggy is a simple, comfortable and fun way to experience Gallura, we have magnificent and unusual locations in the outskirts of Olbia and throughout the Costa Smeralda. Places where it is easier to arrive with a practical and not demanding means like the buggy.

Buggy Rental

The Buggy arrives everywhere, with great comfort and agility, consumes very little and drives like any car, in fact it is often even easier, because on some of our models the transmission is automatic!


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