To rent one of our buggies all you have to do is just follow a few simple rules. We have laid them out here, so that you can get an idea of how our rental works. You can also download a PDF version of the rental contract here with all the conditions.



Conduction of the vehicle described in this contract is allowed, according to EEC directive N° 91/439/CEE, subsequently integrated principally by Italian Road Code articles 115 and 116, to adults in possession of a Category A or A1 driving licence or who have already attained a Category B driving licence.

Road use of the vehicle

The vehicle is supplied to The Client with all necessary equipment and documents allowing legal road use, of which The Client becomes custodian in front of the law. The Client must use and take care of the vehicle with due diligence and in respect of all relevant laws. The Client is responsible for normal road circulation of the vehicle as well as its correct use.

In the specific case of an organised tour, The Client must follow the indications of the tour guide at all times, maintain his place in the line, not overtake other vehicles and not stray away from the main group.

In particular, use of the vehicle is prohibited in the following cases:

  1. if The Client or the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, narcotics, barbiturates, intoxicating substances, medicines or any other kind of substance which may impair conscience, awareness and reflexes;
  2. if such use violates any Road Code regulations or local laws;
  3. use by a driver other than The Client, unless mentioned beforehand in the rental contract and specifically authorised in writing by Albo Sas;
  4. for transport of persons and/or objects for commercial purposes or for burdensome work;
  5. to push or haul other vehicles, trailers or other such objects;
  6. in races, competitions, competitive trials, competitions on circuits, closed tracks or tracks open to the public or in a dangerous manner;
  7. to circulate in prohibited areas;
  8. if used by people who have provided false information and data to Albo Sas with regards to their age, identity, date and place of birth and current address;
  9. for any kind of use which is against the law

Conditions of use

Sub-rental to third parties under any form is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, The Client takes on the following obligations:

  1. to guarantee the correct functioning and safety of the vehicle throughout the period of rental;
  2. to hold Albo Sas harmless with regards to any request from third parties caused by damage or problems to the vehicle;
  3. to pay for any road tolls or fines/tickets issued to the rented vehicle during the period of rental.
  4. to advise Albo Sas within 24 hours from receiving any fines from public authorities;
  5. to advise Albo Sas within 24 hours from receiving any fines from police or other public authorities pertaining to the absence on-board of the vehicle’s documents in original;
  6. in case road assistance is required, The Client should contact Albo Sas using the telephone number provided specifically for these cases and rapidly provide information in order for the rental firm or any other third-party company charged with the task, to retrieve the vehicle (if Albo Sas intervenes directly, costs for road assistance are the following: retrieval or delivery €2.5/km plus €150 if assistance is required at night time; if road assistance is provided by a third-party firm, The Client will pay the relative cost directly to the third-party according to its price rates);

Road Code regulations

The Client must follow the regulations of the existing road code, with particular reference to the regulations concerning speed limits and the consequences inherent in speeding.

Delivery/Handing over the vehicle

Delivery and collection of the vehicle is possible only during opening hours of Albo Sas. If The Client does not collect the vehicle on the established day and at the established time, Albo Sas is not obliged to keep the vehicle, once at least 30 minutes have elapsed from the established pickup time and Albo Sas is then free to allocate the vehicle to another client or tour and in this case is not obliged to refund any deposits paid.

The Client must check that the vehicle is in good general conditions and is suitable for the use described in the contract and that it is also supplied with all the equipment mentioned previously and then take possession of the vehicle, after having signed the rental contract.

When the rental period begins, Albo Sas will take note of The Client’s credit card number or require a security deposit, for coverage of any damage that the vehicle may incur (including damage from fire or theft) which are not already covered by the insurance policy provided together with the vehicle . This deposit will be reimbursed at the end of the rental period if the vehicle is handed in itact and without any damage

Insurance Coverage

Albo Sas guarantees that, for any legal liability of The Client or any other person authorised expressly in this contract to drive the vehicle, an insurance policy has been issued by a leading insurance company, for injury to persons, for damage to things or injury to animals. The insurance policy does not include total comprehensive coverage and does not cover injuries sustained by the driver.

Any unauthorised extensions of the contract will not be covered by the protection plan for damage and compensation for any damage or injury caused to property or persons will be exclusively on behalf of The Client. Therefore, any costs incurred by The Client after the conclusion of the contract will be totally on behalf of The Client.

In addition to the aforementioned exceptions, according to the terms and conditions of the present contract, the following cases are expressly excluded from the insurance policy and are therefore totally on behalf of The Client (the cases provided are examples which are in no way reductive): theft, acts of vandalism, falls, overturning, overloading, damage resulting from other vehicles but without collision, collision between Albuggy vehicles, fire, loss of the vehicle and use of the vehicle which is not compliant with laws and regulations or with the present general conditions.

The Client’s liability is in all cases limited to the current market value of the vehicle, as calculated by qualified magazines of the sector.

In case of theft or partial or total damage from fire to the vehicle, or theft or loss of the vehicles documents or keys, The Client is obliged to report these incidents immediately to competent local authorities (Police or Carabinieri) and to provide Albo Sas with the original copy of the report within 24 hours from the incident.

In the event of an accident, The Client is obliged to:

  1. immediately inform Albo Sas by telephone or whatever other available means;
  2. inform the nearest competent police authority and receive from them a report of the incident which must be sent to Albo Sas within 24 hours;
  3. to collect the names and addresses of the parties involved and of any available witnesses, target plates of the vehicles involved, information regarding the insurance policies and the proprietors of said vehicles and to obtain all necessary information to determine the responsibility of the accident. Furthermore, The Client is obliged to provide Albo Sas, within 24 hours, with a detailed and thorough report using the form “Rapporto di Sinistro” (CAI), provided together with the vehicle’s documents (fill in the relative form without signing it);
  4. to provide Albo Sas with any other useful information and to cooperate with Albo Sas, its insurance company, and its lawyer in any investigations or legal or private procedures;
  5. to follow all the instructions provided by Albo Sas regarding where to store the vehicle and/or where to have repairs carried out.

In the case that The Client does not provide the “Rapporto di Sinistro” (CAI) form, duly filled out in all its sections, (driving license number, personal information of the driver, model and license plate of the vehicle, insurance policy number, policy expiry date etc), together with a report issued by the police or local authorities, The Client will be held responsible for all the damage incurred and will be obliged to pay said damage plus a daily forfeit indemnification equal to the sum of 100 Euro, for each day the vehicle has to be stopped so that it may be repaired. All rental costs are due up to the date when the police report is consigned.

The Client shall be, in all cases, held responsible for any damage caused by: negligence, failure to report accidents or not fulfilling any of the clauses of the contract. If any of the above cases apply, the deductible quota of € _________________Euro will be on behalf of The Client.

Re-Delivery of the vehicle

The Client is obliged to return the vehicle in the place and on the date and time stated in this contract. Any modification of the place, date or time of re-delivery must be authorised in writing beforehand by Albo Sas. Re-delivery of the vehicle must be at the opening times of the firm. Re-delivery after closing time will imply a charge for a further day’s rental costs, fractions and intermediate moments of the day are considered as an entire day.

The vehicle must be returned with a full fuel tank, with the same accessories and all the documents pertaining to the vehicle, in the same condition as it was delivered, apart from normal deterioration. In all cases The Client is obliged to return the vehicle as soon as Albo Sas requests, even if only verbally.

Any objects left behind in the vehicle handed over to Albo Sas are to be considered as abandoned and Albo Sas is not obliged to guard them or return them. Upon re-delivery of the vehicle, a staff member of Albo Sas will carry out an inspection of the vehicle and will point out any damage found, asking The Client to sign for it. In case of such damage, Albo Sas is authorised to withdraw the necessary sums for repairs from the credit card presented by The Client as a guarantee, at the time the contract was signed

Contract Termination

Albo Sas reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately and to re-gain possession of the vehicle at any time, in case of violation of the agreed conditions of use, without any further obligation towards The Client in terms of compensation, reimbursement for damages or for any other reason or cause.

Limitations of liability of  ALBUGGY

Within the limits set out by the law, Albo Sas is not liable towards The Client, the driver or their successors or assignees, for any injury incurred by The Client or by third parties, including economic damage, in as deriving from use of the rented vehicle or for the loss or damage to property of The Client or belonging to third parties, left behind in the vehicle or for damage or problems resulting from delay in re-delivery, due to breakdowns or malfunctions of the vehicle or road accidents or any other cause beyond the direct and exclusive control of Albuggy.

Payment methods and interest rates

Payment must be made exclusively by credit card and beforehand. A client who uses a debit card to pay the owed sums accepts, by signing the rental contract and approving its general conditions, that all aforementioned charges will be made on his account.


Failure to hand in the vehicle’s keys, even in the case of their loss or theft, will imply a penalty with a compensatory sum of 300 Euro.

Failure to hand in the vehicle’s registration certificate in original, even in the case of its loss or theft, will imply a penalty with a compensatory sum of 200,00 Euro.

Failure to return the vehicle at the concurred time and date specified in this contract, will imply illegitimate possession by The Client and will furthermore oblige The Client to pay a penalty, for every day or fraction of the day, equal to the daily rental rate increased by 15{7b0c287a1c168541dc358c3bd20ccb750fec8bcee615700a061c6606bab02c02} for the first week, and then by 25{7b0c287a1c168541dc358c3bd20ccb750fec8bcee615700a061c6606bab02c02} up to the date of re-delivery or up to the date in which Albuggy will regain possession of the vehicle.

Services and utilities

The rental rate includes the following services and utilities: civil liability insurance, unlimited mileage, first full tank of fuel.

Credit card guarantee and security deposit

In order to guarantee an exact and timely respect of the obligations deriving from this contract, The Client expressly authorises Albuggy to withhold a security deposit or to charge and withdraw the relative amount from the credit card provided at the time of the signature of the contract and to charge that very same card, without notice and in the cases contemplated in the contract, for any further sums for which, on the basis of the contract agreements, The Client may be charged. The Client provides specific consent that his or her credit card data be kept by Albuggy, even after the rental period has ended, as a guarantee for sums owed by The Client for unpaid motorway toll fees or fines received for road code violations during the rental period or for any damage and/or loss of property incurred, as specified in the articles of this contract.

Joint and several liability

Whomsoever signs this contract in the name of and for another person and/or company, answers jointly and severally with whom he represents, to the obligations taken up with Albuggy. In all cases The Client is responsible for the actions and omissions of whomsoever drives the vehicle.

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